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Window Bird Feeder- See Songbirds from Home

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  • See Wild Birds up Close: Watch Wild Birds up close while they feed right from your living room, kitchen, den or family room windows. Kids love seeing wild birds in the morning from the breakfast table before school! ENDLESS Entertainment for Pets, Children and Guests!
  • Designed with Birds in Mind: Rain or Shine Design allows birds to feed all year long C Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter. Our custom feed tray dissipates moisture to keep seed dry and safe for your local wild birds.
  • Its a good thing we built this feeder with a Tall pitched roof and wide perch, because with a high-capacity feed tray our feeder is able to accommodate multiple birds at once.
  • We also made it easy to refill from inside your home. Just slide out the feed tray and refill your feeder in seconds!
  • Entertainment for Everyone: Unlike Other Feeders, condensation will not build up between the window and the feeder and your bird viewing will never be obstructed!
  • The Best Views!
    With a built-in Viewing Window and 100% Crystal Clear Design, get ready to enjoy up-close bird watching like never before!

    Guests, visitors, friends and even your pets will enjoy seeing wildlife when they visit, and kids will see birds eating breakfast while they get ready for school.

    Size: 15x6x15cm, 20x19x10cm
    Color: transparent

    Packing: 1 x Window Bird Feeder
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