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Watering Can Funny Garden Gnome

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What a nice garden gnome who takes care of his plants. Well, it's true that with such a hat, he won't see much... but what matters is the intention, isn't it?

Having a garden gnome is always a sign of luck and prosperity, and if he's also willing to help, what more could you ask for? As you can see, in addition to decorating during the day, he lights up at night.

What a funny garden gnome! You might think that he just waters, just to make your grass greener than your neighbor's but once the night falls, the water turns into light. If only he could see the wonders he makes with his own hands... that's how you know a big heart: to give the best you can, but blindly.

Friendly, funny and useful, he is the garden gnome that everyone loves.

A friendly decoration that will flourish indoors and outdoors. Outdoor he can light up your entryway and guide those who have the pleasure to visit you and inside your home he can be a night light for you.

Install it in a sunny place during the day for a good six hours, press the button to start the system and you will have another 8 good hours of light. And don't worry about leaving it outside, its waterproof coating will last for years in any weather.

  • Size: 14.15 "X5.3 "X9.8"
  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Waterproof


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