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(Upgrade) Fountain Pump Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump with LED Lights

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  • 【Premium Material】Use of special materials for outdoor, the fountain is durable and anti-aging, rainproof, anti-rust, high temperature resistant. You do not have to worry about long-term bad weather, service life 3 years.
  • 【a Landscape Device】The solar energy storage fountain is a landscape device that uses solar panels to charge and pump. It uses high-efficiency solar panels and a new brushless water pump, has the advantages of fast start-up, high efficiency and strong stability. In addition, the product floats on the water surface, no external power supply is required. The installation is convenient and the operation is simple.
  • 【Upgraded LED colorful lights】8 LED lights, when the light detects that night comes, three colors (red, green and blue) lights light up, making the swimming pool more gorgeous at night. The solar fountain can be operated automatically in direct sunlight in only 3 seconds with built-in high-performance polymer lithium battery. The water spray height is greater than 40cm regardless of cloudy or sunny days. No power or battery needed, it can work for 5 hours.
  • 【Built-in Water Level Monitoring Function】The fountain can automatically stop working when there is no water, start immediately after adding water without restarting and activation, simple operation, prevent the pump from idling and reduce the service life of the pump; a stone pendant to fix this solar fountain on the water within a certain range, so as not to float too far.
  • 【Multiple Uses】This new type of solar pump fountain is very suitable for bird nest, fish tank, small pond, swimming pool, garden, terrace, lawn, oxygen circulation. Bring more joy to you


Life: ≥10000Hrs

Delay: ≤3s

Fountain life: ≥10000 hours.

Battery life: charge and discharge 300-500 times.

Delay: ≤3S (when the sunlight recovers).

Working time: sunny, battery 5 hours.

Battery function: When the sunlight is very weak or the weather is bad. The battery will work in the solar fountain, the solar panel has excess power

Light sensing detection: When the light sensing detects dark, the fountain led starts to work.

Dry running protection: the fountain is equipped with capacitor water level.

Nozzle: 6 different spray nozzles for your choice.



Material: ABS anti-UV

Weight: about 305g

Product size: about 180mm/7.08in

Panel size: about 177.5mm/6.98in

Panel: 9V/2.4W (2W+0.4W) 342mA

Lithium battery: 7.4V/650mAh lithium battery

Maximum height (water): >25cm

LED light: 3V 0.06W

Battery type: high-performance polymer lithium battery

Discharge time: after sunset: water spray lights 5Hrs @ 180mA

Water pump: AD1020 water pump output: DC 10V working current 135mA

Material: ABS UV protection

Operating temperature range: Charge: 0℃~45℃ Discharge: -20℃~60℃

Operating humidity range: 10%~90%

Storage temperature range: -5℃~35℃

Humidity storage range: ≤75%

Working time after full charge (night): 5 hours

Pump: AD1020 Pump output: DC 10V Working current 135mA

Protection level: IP67

LED lamp beads: F5 straw hat lamp beads 3V 0.06W


Packing List:

Battery Solar Fountain×1


Nozzle Holder×1


Stone Pendant (line)×1

Instruction Manual×1

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