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Street Lamp Ernie Traditional Garden Gnome

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A wise gardener knows it's useless to water your plants in the middle of the day. This traditional garden gnome wasn't born yesterday!

Ernie may be a bit short-sighted, but he knows how to take care of his little kingdom. Just like you do! He doesn't count the hours and he's ready to take the night shift if needed.

You can see this garden gnome will be as meticulous as friendly with the plants of your garden. Who wouldn't like a friend like him, wise and knowledgeable, to help in the upkeep of the haven of your yard?

Ready to help, day or night.

The streetlight has integrated solar panels and will automatically light up at night. It's eco-friendly LED will provide many hours of illumination, to help you find your way at night or to enliven a night with guests.

Ernie was designed and made with the same care he shows for his plants. He is hand-painted, and his protective coating will ensure he will be a long-lasting companion of your favorite decorative plants.

  • Size : Approx. 9"X5"X17.3"
  • Material : High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Weatherproof


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