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See No Evil Cute Gnome- Indoor/Outdoor Funny Lawn Gnome

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He can hear and speak, but he won't see anything you do in your garden. This cute bearded garden gnome will add some innocent fun to your garden.

Get yourself some lightness of heart and innocence. This unpretentious garden gnome is as decorative as he is entertaining. He can't see, but that's just for a moment of fun.

No doubt it's all child's play... and in every sense of the word. What it personifies is a charming expression of naivety, but its small size and weight make it very easy to install. Adorable indoors or out, you'll probably want to give it as a gift.

The jests of this cute garden gnome does not prevent him from expressing a certain wisdom: see no evil.

Garden gnomes are gracious beings and if they express themselves under the cover of humor, it is always out of kindness. What's more, speaking of wisdom, their origins go back so far that they are well placed to share a piece of knowledge and some good advice.

Wisdom, there was also during its manufacture. Carefully crafted and then hand-painted, covered with a protective coating, you will benefit from its benevolence and humor for many years and beyond.

  • Size: 2.75" X 2.4" X 6"
  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Weatherproof


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