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Pooping Gnome Funny Yard Decoration - Getting Caught in The Act Right in The Middle of Your Yard - Garden Ornament Art - Garden Miniature Dwarf Figurines for Patio, Lawn, Housewarming Garden Gift

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Whether you're 3 or 93 years old, poop jokes never get old and you'll still smile at this cute gnome.

Who will be able to refrain a smile when looking at this innocent boy caught at the wrong time in your garden?? He had an urgent need and thought he was far enough from prying eyes... Until you discovered him!

Is it shock or a smile he is hiding behind his hand?? Whatever his reaction, I bet you he'll find a more secluded spot next time to do his business!

Is it just me or something smells funny in here?

Let this little boy bring some freshness to you outdoor decoration.? You can also bring him inside your home, but then he might seem a little bit less innocent doing his business amongst your house plants.

Wanna hear a poop joke?? Nah, they all stink...? But seriously, this lawn ornament was made with a great deal of care, even if it is a practical joke.? It will make you smile for many years, thanks to it's protective clear finish.


  • Size: 7" X 8" X 16"
  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Weatherproof


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