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Peeing And Flipping The Bird Funny Garden Gnome

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Even garden gnomes need privacy when they pee... This one wants to teach you good manners with a nice middle finger and a butterfly.

Outdoor ornaments can sometimes be bland and boring. But you don't have to be a conformist and follow the rules! Come on, garden gnomes need to live their lives and maintain their privacy too.

Take a classic garden gnome and give it an attitude (with a butterfly!) and you've got a killer decoration.

Garden gnomes like to show off their smiling faces and their proverbial friendliness, but this one has been caught off guard.

According to some, garden gnomes are just variations of the statuettes of the Roman god Priapus that have been popular since at least ancient times. In this context, a dwarf showing you his willy is in fact just a natural evolution of the original phallic decorations. We'll let you judge for yourself...

Just because we're into irreverence and quirkiness doesn't mean the design has been overlooked - it's even hand-painted! You'll be able to surprise people for years to come with this one.

  • Size: Approx. 6"X2"
  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Hand paintedwith care
  • Weatherproof


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