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Garden Gnome Statue Outdoor Decor Polyresin Gnome Sit on Mashroom 7.5" Tall

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Have you ever thought of playing leapfrog on a mushroom. This cute gnome doesn't hesitate to express his joy of life.

If you need to count sheep to fall asleep, you can now replace them with garden gnomes jumping over a mushroom. Let's just say that this one has traded its obligations for a little nature fun.

All candor and innocence, the presence of this garden gnome will instill moments of happiness in your home. An expression of carelessness and magic, seeing him playing will bring back childhood memories.

When we are caught up in your own contingencies, this garden gnome is there to remind us to let go.

Indoors or outdoors, this mushroom rider will fulfill its role. Entertaining, simple and magical all at the same time, there is no doubt that it will become one of your favorite pieces.

Designed with a love of detail, this garden gnome is also hand painted. As endearing as it is sturdy (after all, it's a gnome), it's ready for any season.

  • Size : 3" X 4.5" X 7.5"
  • Material : High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Weatherproof


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