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Halloween Cosplay Vampire Fangs Werewolf Teeth Fancy Dress Costume Accessory Tooth

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These fangs are realistic, custom snap-fit and reusable! They may fit canines and/or incisors or bottom teeth.
Originality for your makeup, especially perfect for Halloween party,Create the infinite vital force for you.
Made of Dental composite resin without any harm,Rinse thoroughly with soap and warm water before use,keep it dry for store

How to use:Denture adhesive (or highly adhesive chewing gum, toffee, etc) is needed (yet not included).

Material: Resin
Color: Cream-colored

1. Avoid contact with eyes, once exposed to eyes, please immediately rinse with plenty of water.
2. Keep in places where children are not accessible.
3. Do not put too much denture adhesive. Too much is easy to remain. It is best to stick on your own teeth with a thin layer of Vaseline or hand oil. And then sticky, so easy to unload.
4. Do not take meals and sleep with it.
Packing Includes:
1 x pair vampire fangs in Crystal Case
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