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Brown Hat Hardworking Miniature Gnomes

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This set of hardworking little gnomes are ready to move in your home.

These very small garden gnomes can be easily staked among your flower decorations. Handcrafted and sturdy, they will face all conditions inside and outside.

They might be brothers when you look at their face, but each one sports it's own hat and shirt color. They'll be whistling all day long if you just let them.

They may be miniature, but they know how to get the work done.

These gnomes are getting ready for a cosy winter. Whether chopping or sawing firewood or harvesting corn and squash, they know how to keep warm and happy through the colder months.

Take advantage of their industrious nature, invite them in your backyard!

  • Size : 1.2" X 1" X 2"
  • Material : High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Weatherproof
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