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Bed Bug Killer Natural Plant Formula

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Having abed bug infestation in your house Want to get rid of them withoutthe use of harmful chemicals & gases Introducing the Bed Bug Buster!

These miracle packs contain a 100% natural plant formula and kill bed bugs & mites effectively! Simply place these packs on your bed & furniture, and every corner of your house will be free from bed bugs & mites overnight!


WormwoodThis herb has acalming scentthat is known to give us better sleep.

StemonaThis herb isnature's insecticide. It is harmless to humans but very effective in killing small insects.

Chinese pepperChinese pepperspeeds up the destruction of fungal cellswhich makes it a great complement to the other herbs.


  • 100% Effective Against Pests: Anti-bed bug & mite repellant made to kill & get rid of bugs in the whole area of the house. No more infestations & diseases caused by bed bugs.

  • Free From Chemicals: Made with 100% natural plant formula,odourless & harmless. Keepsyour whole familysafe & healthy,free from harmful pesticides.

  • Simple Usage: Easily kill off those pesky bugs overnight by just placing these packs anywhere: under the pillows on your bed or inside your cupboard.

  • Remedy for Bed Bug Bites:Mix the pack withwarm waterfor at least 10 minutes and use a cloth towipethe affected areasto heal bitesfrom bed bugs.


Weight:0.35oz (10g)


  • Bed Bug Buster 10 packs/ 20 packs / 30 packs
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