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Basket Cute Gnomes

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Feeling nostalgic for the gardens of days gone by? These flower pots with cute gnomes will bring back pleasant memories.

Wheelbarrow, axe, lantern, watering can, shovel, pickaxe or any other tool in hand, gnomes are fond of doing things with their hands. They are workers, mainly of raw materials (mine, forest, agriculture, etc.). Immortalized in such a posture, the gnome is defined by his work, an essentially manual work. However, he is also said to be a gardener.

These two friends (which you can order separately) will be perfect for enhancing the bucolic atmosphere of your garden. Maybe you prefer them indoors? No problem, the containers they come with will hold your keys or your loose change.

The laughing faces and long beards of these two gnomes will brighten up your garden or balcony. Choose between the basket or the stump model.

The garden gnome represent some of our best values.? He is a hard worker, he successfully reaps the fruits of his labor and he enjoys the whole process, smiling through hard and easy times alike. The garden gnome thus expresses a dream at its height, a far from secret recipe for happiness: self-realization through work.

Speaking of work well done, these are two garden gnomes superbly realized and hand painted. The protective varnish with which they are covered will prevent them from the sun's rays, which are sometimes a bit deadly. Two friends who will radiate their smile in your home for many years.

  • Size: 6.7" X 2.9" X 5.5"
  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Waterproof


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