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Automatic De-icers

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How to quickly defrost your car windows

Automatic deicer-BUY 2PCS FREE SHIPPING

This is often impossible in winter since the car windows must first be defrosted. Many people use a classic scraper for this purpose.However, there is also a faster and less effortless solution: thanks to the electric ice scraper, your windows will be free of frost in a matter of minutes.

Window defrosting with SS-3
SS-3 Cordless features a disc with six plastic blades that removes frost with quick rotations.No more tedious scraping of your windows; the electric frost scraper takes care of it almost by itself.Automatic deicer-BUY 2PCS FREE SHIPPING

  • Product name:Electric snow scraper and deicer
  • Product material:ABS
  • Product color:yellow+black
  • Product size:16*11*11cm
  • product weight:about 500g
  • product packaging:English color box 16.5*12*12cm
  • Packing List:Electric snow scraper*1+USB charging cable*1+English color box packaging*1Automatic deicer-BUY 2PCS FREE SHIPPING

  • Rated voltage:3.7V
  • Rated power:11.1W
  • Working current:3A
  • Motor speed:1600RMP
  • Charging method:5V -USB to 4.2V
  • Battery capacity:3000mA
  • Charging time:4~5 hours
  • Maximum battery life:60 minutes
  • Product Certification:CE/FCC/RoHS/SDS

And here is the procedure:
Enter and switch on the device, the green LED should light up.
Remove the safety cap.
Place the ice scraper against the glass. It is enough to exert a light pressure so that the disc starts to rotate.
Move the appliance evenly over the surface to be defrosted. Preferably apply only light pressure and proceed from top to bottom in order to better see the areas already treated.
In case of stubborn icing, insist on one spot until the layer of frost comes off.
Once all the windows are defrosted: deactivate, pull it away from the window and replace the safety cap.
If necessary: sweep the frost detached from the windows using a flexible brush.

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